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Ninalia NIPT The prenatal trisomy screening test based on maternal blood sample

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Ordering the Ninalia NIPT kit

Healthcare provider

Step 1: Order the Ninalia NIPT kit
Step 2: Complete the forms

Informed consent form, test request form.

Step 3 : Collect blood sample

Ninalia NIPT requiring a Streck blood collection tube provided by Eurofins Biomnis via the Ninalia NIPT kit.

Step 4 : Ship the kit

Once the sample has been collected, it must now be transported via courier to Eurofins Biomnis within 5 days maximum after blood sampling. Ship the kit using the courier envelope provided by Eurofins Biomnis via the Ninalia NIPT kit. See information enclosed inside Ninalia NIPT kit.

Expectant parents

Step 1: You have the opportunity to order the Ninalia NIPT kit
Step 2: Carry on the process with your healthcare provider

At your next appointment and on the basis of your medical record, your healthcare provider will prescribe a Ninalia NIPT and answer questions you may have.

After your doctor has provided you with comprehensive information and genetic counseling and after you have signed the informed consent form of Eurofins Biomnis, the healthcare provider will take blood from a vein in your arm and manage the shipment of the kit to Eurofins Biomnis.

If you want to know which healthcare provider work with Eurofins Biomnis in your city, please fill in the following request information form.


Find your nearest testing centre As Ninalia NIPT requires a specific sample tube, don’t forget to make an appointment in advance with your local laboratory for specimen collection.

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