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Ninalia NIPT The prenatal trisomy screening test based on maternal blood sample


Results interpretation and procedures to follow:

Positive result How to proceed Results A positive result indicates a strong suspicion that thefoetus is affected by one ofthe anomalies beinginvestigated. Negative result In very rare cases: failed result A negative result indicatesan extremely low riskbut does not completelyrule out the presenceof the anomaly Monitoring of the pregnancyshould remain unchanged In very rare cases,discordant results or a failedresult is possible Discussion with the Biomnisgeneticists to considerhow to proceed (collect anew sample, plan for invasivesampling, perform ultrasoundassessment, etc.) The result must be confirmedby an invasive sample with the aim of performingfoetal karyotype testing, the only examination thatcan confirm the diagnosisof Down syndrome, Edwards'syndrome or Patay syndrome

Eurofins Biomnis geneticists are available for any question related to the interpretation of the results at

Results interpretation Results interpretation and procedures to follow

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