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Ninalia NIPT The prenatal trisomy screening test based on maternal blood sample

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Ninalia NIPT by Eurofins Biomnis is performed with an  overall, pangenomic method based on the massive sequencing of DNA (Massively-Parallel Sequencing or MPS). Eurofins Biomnis has collaborated with Illumina, an American biotechnology company, specialising in sequencing the human genome. Ninalia NIPT offers the best performance (sensitivity, specificity, detection rates …) for non-invasive prenatal screening.

Over 100,000 Ninalia tests have been performed to date at Eurofins Biomnis.

Our geneticists

The qualified prenatal diagnosis geneticists who are responsible for the test at Eurofins Biomnis provide optimum support to prescribers and laboratories in the implementation of this test, in determining whether the test is appropriate through to reporting of results.

Our activities

Eurofins Biomnis is a leading provider of specialised medical pathology services in Europe, established by Marcel Mérieux in 1897. It is devoted primarily to the specialised analyses requiring expert technologies demanding high levels of expertise. Eurofins Biomnis is involved in all areas of clinical biology and especially in foetal and prenatal diagnostics.

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Rely on the experts Rely on the experts

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