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Ninalia NIPT The prenatal trisomy screening test based on maternal blood sample

Ninalia NIPT procedure: practical info


1. Healthcare provider


You are prescribing Ninalia NIPT on the basis of your patient’s medical records. You must provide Eurofins Biomnis with following documents required for the collection of the sample:

  • Medical prescription and justification as to why the test is indicated,
  • Test request form with the clinical data and informed consent form specifically signed by the patient and by you as the prescriber,
  • Report from the 1st trimester ultrasound examination.
Blood sampling

Ninalia NIPT requires a Streck blood collection tube provided by Eurofins Biomnis

As a reminder:

Sample must reach Eurofins Biomnis within 5 days maximum of collection and prior to weekends and bank holidays.


2. Eurofins Biomnis laboratory

The sample and duly completed forms will be sent to Eurofins Biomnis for performance of the test.


3. Healthcare provider

Within 5 business days, the healthcare provider will directly receive the report with the results (no results will be sent to the patient).

Eurofins Biomnis geneticists are available for any question relating to the interpretation of the results at

Find your nearest testing centre As Ninalia NIPT requires a specific sample tube, don’t forget to make an appointment in advance with your local laboratory for specimen collection.

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