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NIPT by Biomnis The new prenatal trisomy screening test based on maternal blood sample

Trisomy 13

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Gender determination test

Non-Invasive Gender Determination Tests Offer Early Pregnancy Screening

Learning that you are expecting a baby is one of life's most joyous momentsâ€but it can also cause anxiety when your pregnancy is a high-risk one. EurofinsBiomnis now offers non-invasive prenatal blood tests that allow for the screening of common genetic diseases during pregnancy, and include gender determination tests. Screening for fetal sex determination can be recommended in cases where the mother carries an altered gene for serious X-chromosome conditions, or in in cases where both parents' genes carry alterations for congenital adrenal hyperplasia. By opting for non-invasive gender determination tests, chromosomal defects may be detected early. Ask you doctor if one may be right for you.

Most expectant parents are aware of risks for genetic defects during pregnancy, and wonder whether disorders such as Down Syndrome can be detected through early fetal testing. However, many remain unaware of non-invasive genetic screening options. Now, effective and safer testing methods are readily available. Reliable and rapid, the tests can be obtained starting in the tenth week of pregnancy, and detect risks for trisomies 13, 18 and 21. The maternal blood test also offers risk-free gender screening during pregnancy for parents who are interested in determining the sex of the fetus from the first trimester. Non-invasive gender screening during pregnancy is a safe way to find out.

Advantages of NIPT by Biomnis

> 99 % Detection rateof NIPT test 1 Single blood sample 10 Available from week 10of amenorrhoea 7 Results availablewithin 7 working days 95 % Can minimize unnecessary invasive sampling by 95%