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NIPT by Biomnis The new prenatal trisomy screening test based on maternal blood sample

Trisomy 13

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Fetal testing

Non-Invasive Fetal Testing Can Offer Expectant Parents Early Reassurance

Learning that you are expecting a baby is one of life's most joyous momentsâ€but it can also come attached with some anxiety when you learn about common pregnancy risks and abnormalities. Expectant parents routinely undergo fetal testing to rule out chromosomal disorders including Down Syndrome. As an alternative to invasive and potentially risky procedures including amniocentesis to detect factors of abnormal pregnancy, Eurofins Biomnis offers non-invasive fetal testing with fast and accurate results. The test draws analysis from a maternal blood sample, and can be prescribed starting from 10 weeks of pregnancy. By opting for this non-invasive genetic screening option, chromosomal disorders can be detected with remarkable accuracy.

Although most expectant parents are aware of risks for fetal anomalies, and wonder whether genetic disorders such as Down Syndrome are detectable, many people are unaware that non-invasive genetic testing during pregnancyis an option. In reality, effective and entirely safe non-invasive testing methods are now readily available. Safe, reliable, and rapid, the test can be obtained starting in only the tenth week of pregnancy. It simultaneously detects risks for fetal anomalies including trisomies 13, 18 and 21â€offering peace of mind from earlier on. Explore the website to learn more about why asking your doctor to prescribe a Eurofins Biomnis NIPT kit may be the right option for you.

Eurofins Biomnis is a European leader in the sector of specialized medical pathology and trisomy syndrome screening tests. Ever-responsive to the world's emerging medical risks and public health challenges, the group recently introduced new methods of fetal testing for Zika in Ireland. The virus, transmitted through mosquito bites, is especially worrying since it can be transmitted from mother to fetus and cause serious fetal defects such as microcephaly (abnormally small head size) and other abnormalities. The innovative research teams at Eurofins Biomnis have developed screening methods to detect the virus in at-risk pregnant mothers. Fetal testing for Zika may be conducted through simple blood, blood plasma or urine samples.

Advantages of NIPT by Biomnis

> 99 % Detection rateof NIPT test 1 Single blood sample 10 Available from week 10of amenorrhoea 7 Results availablewithin 7 working days 95 % Can minimize unnecessary invasive sampling by 95%