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Trisomy 13

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Edwards Syndrome

Concerned About Edwards' Syndrome? Non-Invasive Screening Offers Peace of Mind

When deciding whether traditional prenatal screening for fetal chromosomal abnormalities including Edwards' Syndrome (trisomy 18) is worth potential complications, it can be difficult to weigh the options and risks. Fortunately, there are now safe and easy-to-administer alternatives to invasive screening methods: ones that offer nearly 100% accurate detection of Edwards' Syndrome and related disorders, including Down Syndrome and Patau Syndrome. Unlike amniocentesis tests for trisomy, which present a slight risk for loss of the fetus, the non-invasive prenatal screening kit developed by Eurofins Biomnis is a simple and safe genetic test for pregnant women at risk of trisomy 13, 18, and 21. The NIPT tests offer expectant parents genuine peace of mind.

Available starting from only the tenth week of pregnancy, the Eurofins Biomnis Edwards' Syndrome diagnosis kit is an effective prenatal screening test designed to detect risks for Trisomy 18 and related chromosomal abnormalities. The test is performed by drawing a maternal blood sample, and results are available in around 7 working days. Aside from maternal DNA, maternal blood contains fetal DNA originating fromthe placenta. The identification of fetal DNA in this sample, in tandem with a new technology capable of counting all genetic material sequences within it, ensures the accurate detection of abnormalities. Opting for an NIPT Edwards' Syndrome testingmay allow you to limit or entirely forgo invasive screening procedures.

While patients may assume that Edwards' Syndrome prenatal diagnosis is necessarily a complicated medical procedure, Eurofins Biomnis has developed non-invasive DNA testing kits that are remarkably simple to prescribe and administer. The NIPT kits are prescribed by your healthcare provider, and the test can either be administered by your physician or by a Eurofins Biomnis partner laboratory. Screening can take place early in your pregnancy, after 10 weeks of pregnancy. With results of the blood test generally available within 7 working days, NIPT by Eurofins Biomnis is an efficient, safe, and remarkably accurate way to undergo Edwards' Syndrome prenatal diagnosis. It has been found to reduce unnecessary invasive sampling by up to 95%.

Advantages of NIPT by Biomnis

> 99 % Detection rateof NIPT test 1 Single blood sample 10 Available from week 10of amenorrhoea 7 Results availablewithin 7 working days 95 % Can minimize unnecessary invasive sampling by 95%