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Ninalia NIPT The prenatal trisomy screening test based on maternal blood sample

Performing Ninalia NIPT: practical information


1. Expectant parents

You can order directly the Ninalia NIPT Kit and provide it to your healthcare provider.

2. Healthcare provider

During a consultation and based on your medical data, your healthcare provider will prescribe a Ninalia NIPT test and get you to sign an informed consent form (mandatory for any genetic test).

The blood sample can be collected directly at your physician’s office or by a Eurofins Biomnis laboratory partner.


3. Eurofins Biomnis laboratory

Your sample will be sent by your healthcare provider to Biomnis for performance of the test.

After 5 business days, Eurofins Biomnis will report the results directly to the prescribing healthcare provider (in accordance with the code of public health governing the performance of genetic tests).


4. Healthcare provider

Your healthcare provider will show and explain the results to you and discuss the appropriate actions to take, if necessary.

Performing Ninalia NIPT test Performing Ninalia NIPT: practical information

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